Athleta Gift Card Giveaway Winner, and Other Randomness

Hello! Let’s get the important stuff out of the way:

The winner of the Athleta gift card giveaway (chosen through is:

#22: Carla S: “I liked your page on facebook.”

Please check your email so that I can get your information to fitmob to send you your giveaway prize!


I have been doing something special for the last 21 days…

YOGAAAA[recycled photo from when I did yoga outside… when it wasn’t 90 degrees out]AAAAA!


I’ve been using the 30 Day Yoga Challenge videos on Youtube to get myself to do some yoga every day. I love that most of them are easy (just hip openers) and they’re all around 15 minutes long, more or less.

After the first week, I started incorporating other yoga videos (longer, more intense ones). LOVING IT.

What’s been great is that I am doing it to get the benefits of the mind-body connection, as well as think about my breathing. I often do a lot of shallow breathing (except when running), and getting in these slow, deep breaths has been awesome!

Not sure if it’s the 3 weeks of yoga or not… but I have been a lot more conscious of when I am hungry or full. SWIT.

In addition to yoga, I have been trying to prepare my own lunches/dinners when I go to school:



I certainly know that eating real food is better than eating packaged/instant foods (which is what I’ll end up eating if I don’t pack anything), so I am really making an effort to make it happen.

As you can see, I love colorful dishes, and I love mixing random stuff together. If I like it, it goes in the container… chicken apple sausage, cilantro, corn salsa, quinoa, goat cheese, squash, you name it! Whatever ingredients I like on its own, I figure, will taste good when all mixed together.

That’s why bibimbop is my favorite (Korean mixed side-dish-with-rice dish… and a fried egg on top!).



How long is your commute to work/school everyday? [Mornings going to SFSU takes one hour. 45 minutes on the way back (no traffic and turbo-boost down 280)].

Do you pack your lunch/dinner? What is your favorite dish to pack?

Who loves yoga? Do you take a class or do yoga videos?

7 responses to “Athleta Gift Card Giveaway Winner, and Other Randomness

  1. Oh beautiful yoga pictures!! I love them!! You look amazing practicing! I LOVE YOGA!! Yoga teacher training in 2 weeks!! Yaay! Yummy dishes, too- your dishes look absolutely incredible!! Thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  2. Bibimbop = heaven. My grandma makes it when we have big family get togethers… I’m drooling just thinking about it.

    I love throwing random things in my fridge together in a big bowl too – somehow, the flavors always seem to work out haha. And yoga… I definitely need to get back into yoga. I used to practice about 4 times a week, but somehow I got away from it, and my flexibility has suffered tremendously, especially in my hips.

    • Yeah, I love how yoga opens up everything that gets closed up when I sit in class all day (gotta love them chest openers and hip openers!).
      And I think I’ll have to get some dolsot bibimbop this weekend!

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