Tribesports Performance Wear Review + A Long Run

I had the wonderful opportunity to go to San Francisco and try out Tribesports Performance Wear! The concepts and designs behind their sportswear was all crowdsourced (the Tribesports community followers all said what they were looking for in their athletic wear and they made it happen!).

Originally, Tribesports was originally just a platform for people to connect with others around the world to challenge and motivate each other in their goals. They had cool group goals, like this one where they collectively put their running miles together to RUN TO THE MOON! How cool is that?? You can read more about their beginnings here.

If you are interested in connecting with others, you can Join the Tribe, and then participate in the Sweat and Save Challenge! There are team- and individual-based challenges every month, allowing you to earn some savings when you purchase their apparel!

I think these are awesome steps to take in engaging people and creating a community aspect to our fitness/workouts.

Okay, so they designed their line of fitness apparel with the input they received through the Tribesports community and I was so excited to try them on and workout in them!

Arrived at the Washington Square Park on Saturday and met Jenna (president and co-founder) and Cags (merchandising manager), got the outfit that I picked online and changed in a little cafe nearby. Met Nicole from LifeLaughEatRun and we got to chat about running 🙂


^[I am wearing the Women’s Performance Half-Zip and the 2-in-1 shorts, and Nicole is wearing the Women’s Performance open-back tank and capris]

After a bit of time, all of the bloggers got to meet each other and introduce ourselves:


We had a special workout led by one of the trainers on Vint, a service that connects people with athletes and trainers in the area. The workout was a hip hop-inspired dance routine… which meant that I was about to look super awkward… but have fun, regardless 🙂



Ahhh, yes. If you cannot tell, I had a big question mark above my head most of the time, haha:



And guess what… the clothes I was wearing was insanely comfortable, especially the top. The fit was perfect for me! I can sometimes get away with a size small top, and it totally worked out this time. I got small for the shorts, too, and the waistband was perfect, BUT the under short was riding up a bit when we did certain moves (mainly the squatting moves). Perhaps it is because I am blessed with thunder thighs. I will definitely try it for different workouts or during a run to see if the under short will stay put.

Honestly honestly honestly speaking, I am super in love with the top! It was fitting but breathable, and I didn’t feel like anything was riding up or tugging in weird places. SO GLAD I chose that one since I can wear it when I go to school on chilly days. I want to love the shorts, but I think they’re going to have to prove themselves when I go on a run.

With that being said, if you do plan on getting them, and you are in between sizes, I would say… go for the smaller one? It seemed that most people said would go down a size if they could change.

Again, you do not have to get these at the regular prices. Log your workout at Tribesports and then receive an extra 20% off member price for your order (enter code at checkout: MICHELLE20).

I want to thank Tribesports for letting try on their performance wear, and for the opportunity to meet all of these fit and friendly girls:





On Sunday morning, I went running with Amy! She will be running her first full marathon in three weeks and I wanted to be there for her to run her 20 miles!


Girl is a TROOPER! She was coming off a week of being sick and a week of being super busy when this long run rolled around. We ran in Fremont, and the morning was so cool and beautiful:


Since the path is so flat, I had us go into Quarry Lakes park to find the little rollers (to get in at least a tiny bit of training for the hills). She may have hated me a tiny bit… but I am sure it will be great later on when she faces the hills during the race (btw, we’re running the Morgan Hill Marathon).


I had to leave early and only got to run the first 18 with her, but she finished the run and did a little more than 20! Amy= Marathon-rockstar-in-the-making! So excited for her to finish her first marathon!



Ever been to the UK? (That’s actually where Tribesports started out from!)

What is one feature you look for in your performance wear? (Material and seams that will not chafe me like crazy)

6 responses to “Tribesports Performance Wear Review + A Long Run

  1. Ahhhhhh thanks soooo much for running with me!! The legs are so sore today but I’m glad we did those rollers haha!! You’re THE BEST!

    OMG that Tribesports event looked like so much fun! Those outfits are adorable but look functional! Very cute top you had on 🙂

    Can’t wait to see you in less than 3 WEEKS!! AH!

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  3. I totally saw you at Quarry Lakes on Sunday! I was doing my 10 mile training run and I was going to stop and say hello, but then by the time I thought about it, my legs just kept going. LOL. So nice to meet you last weekend! Maybe I’ll see ya again on a run.

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