So Many Blessings!

I have been called to serve my youth members through a youth director position! What an amazing opportunity to serve my church and rely on God (I need His help so much!):



Our Friday night programs have been so amazing. God was giving me the messages that He wanted to deliver to His children, and so far, we have had so many great discussions about His Word!

What’s cool is that I actually got a strong conviction to get to know the youth kids earlier this year (which I luckily got to do during the summer). Then this position became available and the church leaders thought of me for being the youth director. I believe that it was all in God’s plan, and I am humbled and honored to have been called!

We had the Autumn Festival on Sunday, and that was wonderful! Our kids did a great job to prepare the stations and jack-o-lantern cuties:


We had a great turnout!


Here are just a few of our kids and parents:


So proud of these future leaders. A lot of them already showed their maturity and leadership potential. What a wonderful night!


The day before that, I went out to San Francisco with some of the RunningAddicts for a house-warming party + run!


Albert hosted, and each of us went and ran along the Embarcadero and ate waffles and other yummy things when we got back to his place. It was so much fun!

Got in 5.5 miles of easy running and like 2 miles of walking (including the Ferry Building, where we got Blue Bottle Coffee).


The day before that, a few of us went to Santa Cruz to get in a long workout!


The guys went cycling, and the gals went for a long run. It was nice to run the Santa Cruz Half course again and get in a nice 15.5 miles with Amy!



I was sick and missed a week of running (last week). It was really tough when I got back to doing 15.5 miles. Legs were heavy. Luckily, I went for an easy pyramid run today (slow pace —> faster pace—> back to slower pace) and felt great! I am worried about the pace mostly because I have my 8th marathon to run this Sunday! I am running the Morgan Hill Marathon as the 4:10 pacer!

Yes, it is a pacing pace and not a racing pace. I know I can do it, but I just don’t want to be suffering too much with it! I also don’t want to mess up the pacing for the racers. Hope all goes well!


Do you dress up for Halloween?

Favorite candy/chocolate treat? (I ate one packet of peanut m&m’s during the Autumn festival and was surprised how sweet it was! I must be getting old?)

Longest hiatus from running? (I think I take about a week off after racing a full marathon, which is the longest break I’ve taken from running)

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