Thursday Things

Woke up nice and early to meet with my running friends for a track workout!


Looks pretty cool at 6:15am, huh.


So after about a quarter mile of warming up, I felt there was something weird going on with my left hip. I couldn’t tell if it was something that I could shake off with a warm up or if it would just keep getting worse.

… and it got worse, hahaha. So I was sad I could not do the workout with them, but I got in a 5K at an easy pace (some running, some very slow running, and a tiny bit of walking). Then I walked the rest of the time (got in 2.25 mile walking).

At least I got to watch these do the workout, and enjoy the beautiful sky!



400’s! DARN! I like to run 400’s. I will do this workout this weekend if my hip is feeling okay 🙂

Oh! Check out how beautiful the sky was with the clouds:


The forecast said it was supposed to rain, but the rain stopped when we arrived. Even if I wasn’t able to run or do the workout, I was still super glad to come out and appreciate the early morning.

Even better? The track session ended with a rainbow!




Not really sure what is going on with the left hip, but I will take it easy until Saturday. It feels like there is something with the socket, not the muscles or anything. Let’s just hope it goes away!


I gave a challenge to my youth kids for this week. I asked that they wake up 10 minutes earlier and read the book of John for those ten minutes… and for those who have trouble getting up in the morning, I challenged them to read it for 10 minutes right when they get home from school.

I wanted them to make those 10 minutes holy by setting it apart for God… to read it without multi-tasking (such as while getting ready, listening to music, dropping a deuce, eating breakfast, etc.). I’ve been starting with those 10 minutes of Scripture reading every morning and love how I can be in the right frame of mind before I go on with my day.

… and then I go on and have my coffee :).

What is one of the first things you do in the morning?

What kind of running injuries (or problems) have you faced in the past?

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