Happy Christmas Eve!

I’ve been pretty busy with finals and preparations for our church Christmas service. Here is the video made by our youth girls (I hope the Fresh Prince himself will not be upset that I used his song with different lyrics!).

Our services on Sunday were great 🙂




I love how my church has grown to be such a unique community of believers. We now have a Spanish language ministry that is growing immensely, and we feel so blessed to have multiplied in such an unexpected way. God is doing such amazing things for us. We know it is God’s work because we couldn’t have imagined our church growing in this way even a year ago.


I’M IN MAMMOTH now with Joe and his family (aunts, uncles, cousins included :D). It is the annual family ski trip, and instead of skiing, I have been enjoying other aspects of Mammoth:


Running! Though most of the paths look more like this:


Yesterday, I did a 3.3 miler (slow with the walking through snow and ice, running when possible). The elevation makes it pretty tough, but I love being able to enjoy the views:




We also did some hanging out in the Village at Mammoth, too (though there wasn’t much to see… so we bought a huge thing of chocolate kettle corn):




Have a Merry Christmas eve and a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!

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