Good Eats and Little Outings

Took a little break from blogging for a while. Totally enjoying my break from school, but six weeks is kind of WAY too long for a break. So ready to get back to school!

During the break, I’ve been eating some super yummy foods:



QQ Noodle has some super yummy noodles, but they do use a lot of oil (for the non-soup ones). I was definitely digging the hot oil that night, and mopping up all of it.


Joe and I walked around Santana Row one day. I was so happy just walking around with him, window shopping, and sipping my coffee:


^ That is the outside wall of Lululemon. I liked it because I was kind of matching it :). Not exactly sure why I am so oompa-loompa-colored.

We also went to Casa de Fruta on MLK day.


It was our first time going to Casa de Wine, and it was so fun tasting all of their fruit wines.


We walked away with two Pomegranate wines ($16.99 each, but totally worth it) and one Apricot wine (only because it was $5.99):



A few of us like to hit the range once in a while. We are trying to go more regularly. It is always followed up by pho 🙂



Even if we don’t become the best golfers, it is nice to enjoy the nice weather.

[Fun fact: I got lessons as a kid, and have an okay swing. But I super suck at putting.]


I got my hair dyed a couple shades lighter! Just wanted to share this random fact:


^Can you tell one of my eyebrow makeup kind of got away from me after the shampooing? Also, I super duper need some chapstick on, yeah?

[Joe’s mom owns a salon and she does my hair (cut, perm, color… except when I do henna dye at home)].


fitmob has allowed me to try a lot of the local fitness classes in the area!

First, I did a Pilates reformer class at Core Fitness


It was definitely new to me, and totally fun! I unfortunately ran into some traffic and got there late (which I hate doing… especially when doing a new class). Oh, well! I was happy to have tried in for a drop-in class. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and offered a lot of variations for the new peeps.

Then on another night, I did a Pure Barre class in Los Gatos!


I took a class with Karen, and she (like I’m sure all of the instructors are) was very experienced and friendly. I know you wouldn’t think you’d get super owned by two- and three-pounders, or moving only a couple inches from a narrow squat or whatever… but you will feel the burn. Your body will get super uncomfortable as it builds up lactic acid and tries to clear it as quickly as possible. If you’re body is not efficient in clearing the lactic acid, then you will need to take a lot of breaks. No problemo, they don’t judge for you taking a mini break in the middle (as I did like thirty times).

I also took a Spin class at Los Gatos Health and Fitness. It was interesting because we had to keep an eye on the numbers (rpm) for the whole class, so it was not what I’m used to. Still love that I get to try an old class with a new instructor and change up how I usually do things.

If you are interested in dropping into different fitness classes in your area, check out fitmob to see if they are in your area!

[This was not a sponsored post (though this one was). All opinions are my own! I decided to check out fitmob one more time when they came to my area in the South Bay, and am totally enjoying it].



Just something pretty to leave you with 🙂


Ever tried a Barre or Pilates Reformer class? Or what class have you taken recently that was new to you?

Golf: do you play? Have you ever gone to the range?

9 responses to “Good Eats and Little Outings

  1. Nice! My friend just tried a pilates reformer class. I’d never heard of them before. Glad you’ve had fun trying all these new classes!

  2. I’ve always wanted to take a Barre or Pilates Reformer class, but still need to find an opportunity. And I do play golf! It’s so much fun to play and get away from everything. Do you play or just go to the range?

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