I turned 27 yesterday!

2015-01-30 08.40.41

FIrst thing to do… go to Macy’s, visit the Benefit Brow Bar and get my free eyebrow waxing (which they do on your birthday). My mom got waxing, too, because she has never gotten done before:

[From my Instagram]:



We went around and shopped the sales, using a few of our almost-empty gift cards so that we can de-clutter our wallet.


For dinner, I wanted to eat chirashi, so we went to Sushi Tomi in Mountain View.





I looooove the tamago (most likely the cheapest thing?), so I traded some of my sashimi pices for everyone’s tamago (the big blocks of delicious egg).

We all super enjoyed our sushi!

[From my Instagram]:


Afterwards, we walked a block or two to to TideHouse to grab a drink.

2015-01-30 12.01.10

Loved chillin’ and catching up with everyone 🙂


Guess what. I’m a runner, so I only care about my birthday every five years… because it means we move up into a different age group.

Where would you choose to go eat for your birthday?

What is the best complimentary birthday thing you’ve gotten? [The Benefit eyebrow waxing is the best. Otherwise, complimentary birthday desserts are okay, too].

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