Exciting News: I Run for Chocolate and Champagne

Hello, and happy Wednesday!

On Sunday, we watched the big game at a church member’s house. There was a LOT of food, and a LOT of snacks. They were not on the healthy side, but I didn’t care… and I went kind of wild. Monday morning rolled around and I knew I had to go on a long run (also because the Napa Valley Marathon is less than 4 weeks away!).

I went to the trusty ol’ Los Gatos Creek Trail to get in my miles. I only planned on around 15 miles, but when I got to this awesome hill, I had to put the extra mileage in to get to the top:


I thought this sign was kind of funny (it was along the way up):


At the top, you can see the Lexington Reservoir (which didn’t seem quite as empty and dry as the last time I saw it):



BTW, as you can tell, it was really sunny and hot that day. It had been a long time since I had run in the afternoon, and I didn’t bring any electrolytes with me (I usually don’t when it’s less than 16 miles and if I am running at an easy pace).

I totally got a side stitch in the last 2.5 miles, and I was close to walking… but after I ran with some pressure on it, it went away.

Got in a little more than the original 15 I had planned, but I’m glad I got in that on giant hill:


Always nice to finish a long run like this. Felt so refreshed and energized!


I got lucky yesterday when I was signing up to pace the Merco Credit Union Half Marathon. I checked the spam folder just in case the invite went there and I saw something from See Jane Run. They had chosen me to be one of the 2015 Ambassadors!

[From my IG: meeshelkim]


It was lucky that I saw it and did not miss it. Goodness… I hope I haven’t missed other emails like that o__O.

Anyways, I applied to be an ambassador when my friend Amy told me about it. I read over the requirements. An ambassador must embrace the philosophy of “Jane”. [From See Jane Run site]: “A Jane is someone who embraces fitness as a lifestyle and brings it into all aspects of their life.”

I am not perfect, but I do embrace fitness as a lifestyle (or running? The first thing people say about me when they introduce me is, “She is a runner. She runs marathons.”). During the year, I will come back to this philosophy and try get others to find their inner “Jane”.

To get you even more excited about finding your inner “Jane”, See Jane Run is letting me host a giveaway where one “Jane” will win a free entry into one of their races! Be on the lookout for that one. You don’t want to miss your chance!

If you want to join me on June 21, 2015 for the See Jane Run Women’s Half Marathon and 5K (you get views of the San Francisco Bay, the SF Bay Bridge, and downtown SF), you can use the code ‘SJRAMB15219‘ to save 25% on your registration.

Run with me, and then we can have chocolate and champagne after! How fun would that be?!


My next few races on the calendar:

Bay Breeze Half Marathon (on Valentine’s day!)

Napa Valley Marathon (March 1st)

Oakland Running Festival (March 22nd- I will be a half pacer)

Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon (March 29th- Use the code ‘MICHELLEK’ to save $5. I will also be the 2:00 half pacer).


What do you like to treat yourself with after a race?

What is the next race you have on the calendar?

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