Indulging While On Vacation

Three days. Three buffets. YEAH… it was kind of a lot! Oh, well. We got to enjoy the time on vacation and the fortune of good weather.

We always stop by at Sushi Pier (the original one) when in Reno:


Needless to say, it was a delicious and wonderful indulgence. We actually kept it relatively tame compared to other times when we go all-out!

Afterwards, we went to a comedy show at Silver Legacy. It was actually my first time attending a comedy show. The main act was pretty good (funnier after a drink or two):


And then I wanted something greasy and heavy… but I was too full, so we went with this night-time snack of fruit and yummy banana nut bread and yogurt:


This was all at the Peppermill Reno. I also like their gym. It has a butt-load of cardio equipment and a pretty good selection of weights and machines. They also have a little group exercise room with medicine balls and stability balls.


Here is a random photo of me and this one painting that I really liked that was in the hallway. It would be even more impressive if you could see it up close:

2015-02-07 15.33.43


We went to my favorite Reno buffet, The Buffet at Eldorado. Though I usually like it because it’s cheap (weekdays are $16.99 with pretty good selection of stuff), it was a Friday dinner price, so it was like 25 bucks! Yikes! Oh, well. We still enjoyed it.

… and here are some other random pictures of our eats:

Naughty and nice:


^I was the one who pointed out that burger. I wanted Joe to order it so I could have some (it has a fried egg in it o__O).

New decor at the Grand Sierra Resort:

2015-02-07 15.29.06


We went to Tahoe to join the church for the ski trip (though we did not ski). Just hung out and played Bananagram, which is like speed-Scrabble… kinda. Ate a lot during that trip, too. All we did was rest and digest.


I was away from home for a full four days, so it was nice to come back home to Vanna and wake up to her pretty face the next morning:


Been doing mostly treadmill runs here and there since I got back. I did PlyoX once this week, too. Goodness, it was tough to get off the ground with all that extra weight on me!

I have a half marathon this weekend o__O (Brazen Bay Breeze Half Marathon). Not ready at all. Last time I ran this course was two years ago (but at the summer version of the race: Summer Breeze Half). Oh, well! I will go out there and do my best. If I can pull off a course PR, that would kind of blow my mind. I definitely don’t have that kind of expectation though. If I can beat last year’s PR (not overall PR), that would be fine.


Buffets: like ’em or dislike ’em?

What is the last hotel/resort you stayed at?

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