Valentine’s Weekend Highlights

Late post, but I wanted to share some highlights from the past weekend!

Last Friday, my youth and I had a fundraiser dinner! We decorated a section of our fellowship hall and set up a photo area, too!


^BTW, I made all those hearts and stuck it on the backdrop. You can find this super easy craft instructions here!

Decorations were low-key:


I had so much fun decorating each of the picture frames (our thank you gifts to the donors, signed by each of our youth):


Anyways, one of our parent volunteers created and prepared a 7-course dinner! Our youth were the servers:



They were super excited about serving everything!


We also had bingo, raffle prizes, and my youth leaders did a super cute newlywed game!


It was such a wonderful night, made more special by these types of photos:


^Me and my SIL! Our youth made everyone do poses like this, haha.

Me and Tammy:


Me and a couple of my youth kids:


A few more of my beautiful youth girls:


And a bunch of the youth:


^(I didn’t know how to work my dad’s fancy camera, so only the middle row is in focus…).

It was such a memorable night! We actually raised close to a grand! I was so proud of my youth for their hard work. They were all busy the entire evening (serving, hosting a game or raffle, dancing/entertaining, washing dishes, etc).

I always feel so blessed and humbled to work for these youth kids. Being called to serve as a youth director has given me a good amount of challenges, but I feel like I have grown so much through these experiences!


Got home close to midnight… went to bed and got woken up by my barking dog. Couldn’t go back to sleep.

Hmm, sleeping only three hours before a race is not ideal, but it’s not uncommon, I guess.

At least it was a beautiful morning for a race!


I decided to follow the 1:45 pacer and see how I felt. I am in no shape for a PR, and I had no idea if I could pull off a time around San Jose RNR or not.


BTW, how beautiful is it to run here? This is the Brazen Bay Breeze Half. They have a summer version called Summer Breeze, too. The only thing that’s not awesome is that you’re running on the gravel/dirt path for the majority of the race. The great thing is that this course is pancake-flat.

I didn’t look at my watch much as I ran. I just followed the pacer:

Miles 1-5: 8:09, 7:52, 7:54, 7:51, 7:49.

A couple of the runners were wondering if this pace was a little fast or not. I honestly had no clue what the pace per mile was for 1:45 (btw, it’s pretty much 8:00/mile).

Miles 6-9: 7:51, 7:51, 7:51, 7:54

Around mile 9 is when the pacer dropped back on his pace and the 4 or 5 of us who were with him this whole time kept up the pace he initially set. I tried to keep up and was about 5 seconds behind the rest of the pack.

Miles 10-13.1: 7:57, 8:00, 8:00, 7:47, 6:57 (for last 0.1).

Total: 1:43:26 (official chip time).


Wow! That’s about 12 seconds faster than San Jose RnR, and surprisingly, my Garmin said this course was 13.09 miles (impressive how accurate the course was, according to my Garmin).

Even if this pacer was a tiny bit fast, he was very consistent and not WAY too fast… at least the group that stayed on him the whole time pretty much all finished in front of him (no one bonked or blew up in the last couple of miles… though I was close and kind of wanted to, haha).


For dinner that night, Joe, his brother, and his mom went out for pizza and beer at J.T. McHart’s!


This is one of my favorite pizza places in our area. Their crust is so delicious!


And here is my cute Vanna and her favorite person ever (she’s daddy’s girl):



How did you spend Valentine’s Day?

Name three of your favorite pizza toppings.

Do you enjoy doing crafts? (YUUUS~, I love going to Michaels for random crafts/projects).

6 responses to “Valentine’s Weekend Highlights

  1. One day, I want to run a half as fast as you.

    We’re renovating a house right now, so we celebrated Valentine’s Day by going to Home Depot. Nothing says romance like insulation and plaster of Paris. 🙂

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