Easing Back Into Running, and SJR Race Giveaway Winner

After the Napa Valley Marathon, my body felt pretty beaten up. I wanted to ease back into running.

On Tuesday, I took a long walk with Vanna:


^This is an old picture of her. The fur these days is not quite as long (I try to trim it and keep it shorter).

On Wednesday, I went on a hike with my friend, Amy (who PR’d in NVM). We went to Fremont Older, since we planned on hiking instead of trail running:


We certainly wouldn’t have been able to run up a hill like this:


It was really nice to see how green and beautiful Fremont Older was (it’s actually in Saratoga… kind of like my back yard, haha):




^The California poppy flowers were so pretty!

Anyways, we did 8+ miles and then ate yummy Thai food after!

Dude. I am really trying to enjoy this time of having great rest and a lot of time on my hands. I definitely need to try to be productive, but also appreciate the time I have been given.


One thing I am getting used to during this Lenten season is getting up early for the morning prayer meetings at church or running with my run group, the RunningAddicts!

[photo creds: Linh]

11025783_10203404270657418_919435108630054975_n 10475266_10203404265457288_8014616814824308598_n

As the moon set, the sun rose:


7 miles done by 7:30am! How awesome is that?


The winner of the See Jane Run Race Giveaway is liz (@llew415)! I have contacted you through email. Congratulations!

For everyone else, hope to see you there! Use the code ‘SJRAMB15291’ to save 25% on your online registration! I’ll be at the San Francisco Bay Area SJR Half on June 21!


How long do you wait after a race before you get back into running?

Have you ever done a triathlon? Do you have any desire to TRI one?

6 responses to “Easing Back Into Running, and SJR Race Giveaway Winner

  1. I’ve done two tris and hates them because I hate swimming with a passion. Other people with better attitudes like tris. I only did them because Ben forced me. He was hoping I would like them so we could do them together. Alas, we are only a running couple.

      • Maybe I’ll do a duathlons but I’m not a good cyclist. šŸ˜¦

        BTW, in a post on my blog I wrote that i’llbe a pacer for a half. I know you’ve been a pacer several times. If you have any advice for me, I’d really appreciate it if you leave it for me on my blog (so I can find it easily again).

  2. It depends on the length of the race. After a marathon, I usually wait a week, and then do a slow, short run. I’ll Spin or swim soon after, though.

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