Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

For me, when working out, I find it important to have little moments when I feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Comfortable is laying in bed watching Netflix all the live long day. Comfortable is walking down the street for coffee. Comfortable is walking up one flight of stairs.

I am comfortable for most of the day, but I like to break a sweat and make my body work for a bit every day. These days, I am trying to get ready to go to Boston so that I can be (somewhat) comfortable with the discomfort of running a marathon. Going beyond my usual home treadmill runs and running outside is pretty challenging.

For one, the outside offers elements like heat, wind, and pavement variations… enough for me to really have to work and get uncomfortable. 

And bugs. Lot more tiny bugs outside these days because of the heat. [IG: meeshelkim]


Yeah. If you can’t tell, it was a pretty hot long run (mid-70’s). Last week, I went to the Los Gatos Creek Trail and tried to keep the pace between 8:55 and 9:05. I also tried not to look at the time too much and try to go by feel.

I averaged 8:56/mile for 16.0 miles, mostly because I ran a teeny bit faster at the end because I wanted to quickly go home and take a shower.

Usually I’m unbearably uncomfortable with the heat, but I became more comfortable with it.


Wednesday, I went to Rancho San Antonio to run in the heat (sort of… it was around 70 degrees) and get 14 to 15 miles in. Hills make me uncomfortable. I generally don’t like see the pace plummet, but I was feeling a bit fatigued, so I didn’t want to do it on the flat road. When I run trails, I just go completely by feel.

I decided to push myself to continually get up the hills…20150318_210115

Over 2,000 ft elevation gain through out this 15-mile trail run. It was TOUGH on the second hill… even if it was slightly shorter, it pushed me passed uncomfortable into GAHHH, SO HARD. Then I ran downhill and I was okay again!


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve run that fast (10:10/mile) at Rancho before. Nice.


Later that same day, I went to Outburst Mobile Fitness with Amy for an indoor cycling class!


I was going to take it easy, but when Ari (our instructor) got us moving, her energy pushed me to go for it! I didn’t dilly dally… I totally went and got uncomfortable (tempo, threshold, sprint!).

Thanks, Ari, for such a great cycling session!


Have you ever seen the Outburst Mobile Fitness trailer around? It’s fitness delivered to you! Pretty cool, yeah? [They are currently in Sunnyvale and Palo Alto right now].


Not every single workout has to be super uncomfortable, but when you do push yourself a bit, you may surprise yourself with what you can accomplish. When you challenge your body, you are stimulating changes that will make you stronger!

Can’t do a push-up? Start doing them with good form on your knees. Do negatives.

Can’t run a mile? Start with alternating run-walk. Pace yourself so that you’re not sprinting all out in the first 15 seconds!

There can be a countless number of CAN’Ts in your life, but you have to START somewhere. Don’t worry. There are times when you will feel uncomfortable, but your body will get stronger and adapt. Take that uncomfortable sweating, panting, burning (not tearing… or breaking… that’s the wrong kind of discomfort) and know that you are spurring awesome changes 🙂


What is something that makes you uncomfortable during a workout? [Plyometrics! Love jump training, but it is soooo super tough. Also, attempting handstands in yoga makes me uncomfortable!]

What do you consider a long run? What’s considered a HOT run? [Anything above 8 miles; anything above 60 degrees, haha].

2 responses to “Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

  1. LOVE IT Michelle!! Seriously, this is how I’ve been feeling lately. I’m bummed because I slowed down a lot since training for my marathon (didn’t do any speed work). And now I know I need to GET UNCOMFORTABLE if I want to speed up- but it’s just so hard haha! You’re so inspiring! Way to go on those runs! For me a long run is probably the same- 8 or more. I’d say hot is >70 (but I’d prefer to run in low 50’s 😉 )

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