Work and Play Hard, Like Real Champions

[Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Champion®. I was given the opportunity to try the Spring 2015 line of athletic wear. All opinions are my own.]

First off, I am so grateful for the opportunity given to be part of this campaign. Second, I was so excited to learn we would be working with Champion®!



If you have ever gone on a long run, you know the importance of wearing comfortable, moisture-wicking, non-chafing clothing, yeah? So does Champion®. It’s about All Gain No Pain™.

All of the items I received were incredibly comfortable and CUTE!


Champion® combines the latest technology in athletic wear with style to give you the biggest bang for your buck. When you are running up a huge hill or completely the final few seconds of an interval, the last thing you want to think about is your clothing rubbing you in the wrong way. You want to work hard, play hard.

Like I’ve said before, you can look at a place like this and see it as your very own playground:


I love embracing this idea: PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION. It is a state of mind that not only helps you work hard by challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone, but also to get enjoyment out of what you are accomplishing. Training, working out, and competing are not about punishing ourselves. It’s about bringing out our inner athlete/competitor and having fun while doing so.

Sure, running up a mountainside is not easy, but how great is it when you finally conquer it with no walk breaks (and when you are wearing such stylish apparel)? Work hard, play hard, friends.



I wore the Champion Women’s PerforMax® Marathon Printed Packable Jacket for an early morning track run.


^[PC: Linh]. Also, I am pointing to the Champion® Brand logo :]

It was PERFECT for a cool, breezy morning run. Light, breathable (with ventilated mesh), and a hood and thumbholes for those chillier runs. I loved it! Also, how great is the design?


I wore the Champion Women’s PerforMax® Marathon Tee and the Champion Women’s PerforMax® Marathon Knee Tight for an at-home workout and for a hilly walk around my neighborhood with Vanna:


The tee is SUCH a pretty color, and the fabric is very light. It definitely kept me cool during the workout.


Gotta love the Champion Vapor® Apparel for the fit, performance, and style. Not going to lie… I sweat like a beast, and the Champion Vapor® has true fast-drying technology!

I really liked the knee tight. Not only did the sweat dry fast, but it also has a big zipper pocket in the back:


I wore the Champion® Curvy Show-Off Bra underneath, which was extremely comfortable and flattering… even for someone with nothing fancy going on in the boobular area:



Check out the All Gain No Pain™ line. Everything is perfect for those who want to work hard, play hard!

I’ll be posting again in a couple of weeks when I talk about Real Champions!

What is one activity you participate in where you truly ‘work hard, play hard’? (For me, it’s trail running!)

Do you sweat like a beast when you work out? (Yes, yes, a million times, yes!).

10 responses to “Work and Play Hard, Like Real Champions

  1. Champion Brand really steps up their game on with the design. The Jacket looks so much better in person than in the photo and fits you perfectly, too. The marathon tee looks so soft and breathable. Is it sheer? Love the design on the back of the shirt. Matching capri, so cute! Is the pocket on the side of the center of the back? But once again, Vanna steals the show… Good review!

    • Thanks, Amy!
      The shirt is only slightly sheer when the sun is on it (at certain angles), and definitely soft and breathable. The capris have the pocket on the back toward the ride side, which is good if I wear them for Pilates or something where I lay on my back :).

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