Boston Night 1, Day 1

Short post!
We arrived in Boston last night around 6pm.
We have a pretty nice room with somewhat of a nice view from the hotel.

Ate at Giacomo’s Ristorante (each ate a cannolis while waiting one hour. Totally worth it!). So much delicious food.

Walked a lot today, picking up my bib and stuff at the huge expo, seeing the finish line, and eating delicious biscuits and honey butter at Sweet Cheeks.

More to come this week when I talk non stop about the Boston Marathon.

Have a wonderful Patriots Day!





8 responses to “Boston Night 1, Day 1

      • You are so right! I think I lived in those Italian section restaurants. I lived on Beacon Street in the Back Bay.

        I don’t know if they still have The Pewter Pot (or Pewter House?) but they used to have the best muffins in the world! It’s also the best walking city in the country, isn’t it? So much history! (Thanks for your reply. Now I’ll think of you yearly as the Boston Marathon comes up. Keep running happy!)

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