Boston Marathon 2015

On Sunday, we did a LOT of walking!

20150419_183816 In total, we covered 11.75 miles throughout the whole day. Normally, that is not a smart thing to do before a full marathon, but it was the first time in Boston for all three of us and we got to eat some yummy food!

Regina’s for pizza:


And Mike’s Pastry for CANNOLIS. These were actually one of the highlights from our trip, hahaha:



Got Limoncello, pistachio, hazelnut, plain ricotta, and chocolate chip. SO GOOD!


That night, I got all of my race stuff ready and we all went to bed relatively early (10:30pm? 11:00pm?):



Woke up in the morning with a pep in my step. It was going to be a good day :).

Went downstairs to meet up with some running friends and we walked to Boston Common together. After a quick security checkpoint, we boarded the bus and got a ride up to Hopkinton. I took a short nap on the bus ride before we made it to the Athletes’ Village



Saw some of the RunningAddicts there:


We quickly made it to one of the tents and set up a spot to sit and wait/take turns using the porta-potties:


One by one, we each left as the announcer called our wave and corral numbers. It was about 2 hours of waiting, but it went quickly (snacking, wishing good luck to our fast running friends, bathroom, etc.). Eventually, it was my turn!


As I walked with the others in wave 3, I began to get a little bit misty-eyed. This dream to get to the Boston Marathon started after I ran my very first marathon at CIM (which was right before I started this blog). I didn’t take the dream seriously until I ran M2B (2013) the first time and failed to meet my goal. I knew I would return to that course with proper training and try again. Success the second time around!

It took a long time and a lot of focus, but I was finally here, walking with other amazing runners to line up to start running the Boston Marathon. What an incredible feeling!

Anyways, I looked around to see if I could spot anyone I knew:


Nopes. ^BTW, the lines went super quickly here because there were like a billion (or 100?) porta-potties!

And I thought this tent was pretty amazing:


As soon as I made it up to the first corral of wave 1, it started drizzling. The rain was right on time (forecast said it would start raining around 11am).


^Rain or shine, I knew it was going to be a good day. I would be smiling either way because I got to do my favorite activity in a world-famous running event!

Right at 10:50am, we were off!


It was really cool to see the locals/friends/family/spectators supporting along the course, even in the cold and rainy weather!

Love the sign 🙂 (“RUN FASTAH”)!


Here are some other sites from the course:



It was from very early on that I decided to cover my GPS watch and just run. I was taking pictures, I was high-fiving some spectators here and there, just soaking it all in.

I really love the buildings in Massachusetts. In CA, because of possible earthquakes, we really don’t have a lot of buildings made of brick. So nice to see all those brick buildings. Anywho, my pace was comfortably hard. With the amount of walking from the day before, my legs were quite tired/heavy, so I just kept it on the somewhat easier side.

Before I knew it, I saw this:


Wow! That was it?? I actually thought that I would see a sign before it as we went up Heartbreak Hill, but it didn’t really seem much steeper or longer than some of the other hills we already hit. COOL!… or maybe it means I wasn’t working hard enough.

I decided to take a quick peek at my time to see how I was doing. I was on pace to finish under 3:43 (which is actually what I guestimated my finish to be… with the lack of training and the weather).

Decided to kick it up a notch and finish already, that way, I can get into some dry clothes and eat the leftover cannolis!



^The red triangle (Citgo sign) is a big signifier that tells the runners we have only about a mile to go. LET’S GOOO!

OMG. As I was about to turn the corner onto Boylston, I was AGAIN overcome with so much joy. My eyes welled up and my breathing got all weirdsies as I tried to fight back tears (because I am an ugly crier). Then, the finish line was ahead and I just took it all in. The cheering, the wonder, the beauty of this finish line.


So amazing, so happy, so memorable!


And not only were there a whole lot of volunteers along the course, there were so many wonderful volunteers to help us afterwards, too:


They helped us get into the special heat sheets (it’s got arm holes, velcro, and a hood). Then we all waddled toward Boston Common together 🙂


We had arranged the day before about where to meet after the race (in Boston Common):


I couldn’t believe that it was over so fast!


Finish: 3:41:46.


Here is me and Tammy back at the Hilton. She is one of my running inspirations and a wonderful supporter. She is an amazing, encouraging, and strong woman!


Luckily, one of our friends had the hotel room until 3:30pm, which was just enough time for me to take a QUICK shower and change into dry clothes.

Then we headed out to the North End one last time to each a lobster roll:


^Josh’s food pictures are so much better than mind.

[IG: shiigii]:

lobster roll

And it was great because I finally got to wear my Boston Marathon jacket:



All of the things you have read about/heard about the Boston Marathon… how amazing it is, the spectator support, the volunteers, the energy… it’s all true!

I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to run the Boston Marathon. I am incredibly thankful to those who were there to push me during my training runs when I was working to BQ (Linh and Amy), to all of the help/tips given to me by my Boston Marathon repeat runners (Tammy), and to everyone who supported me in every other aspect of my life (Mom and Dad, Joe, friends).

Overwhelming joy. That’s what this weekend was full of. Congratulations to all of the runners yesterday, and thank you to all of the volunteers and spectators. Boston Strong!

Have you ever been to Boston? What was your favorite meal from there? [Italian seafood and cannolis]

What is the biggest race you have participated in? [This was definitely the biggest. 35K runners, and supposedly 1 million spectators]

23 responses to “Boston Marathon 2015

  1. Loved your recap – congrats on an enjoyable and memorable Boston! Sounds like the perfect race (and I’ll admit, refreshing to read a recap that didn’t complain about the weather!). I bet this won’t be your last Boston by any means!

  2. Congratulations! What a wonderful recap of such a great experience! Great photos also! The NYC marathon is the biggest marathon I have done and I just LOVED the excitement of the crowds! I have been to Boston many times and LOVE the seafood and Italian restaurants! I think I gained 5 pounds in 2 days the last time I was in Boston!

    • LOL, I think I also gained about 5 pounds, haha. oOOoh yes, NYC marathon is definitely huge, also with a pretty long wait and relatively late start, right?
      That’s great that you’ve had a chance to run Boston many times! I hope to be fortunate enough to do so, too 🙂

  3. AHHHHHH!!! LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!! So so so happy for / proud of you 🙂 You’re so inspiring and honestly inspire me to be a better runner/person. I hope to get to Boston one day… Congrats on an amazing race!!! Sounds like it was amazing!

  4. Love your race recap! I have yet to run a marathon, but it’s on my bucket list. I have been in smaller races and triathlons and I love the energy and the people that we meet at those events. It’s the best part 🙂

  5. Congrats! Great recap, you could feel your emotion and joy. I am too slow for Boston, but love the tradition and following along with my faster runner friends. The biggest race I have been in is Peachtree Road Race 10k here in ATL. 60,000 runners, its a party and probably 2 to 3 times the spectators all 6.2 miles. Congrats again.

  6. Glad you had such a great experience! I’m also glad you got a pic of that support tent on the way to the start line. I am mentioning it in my race report and could not remember all of the things they offered.

    Congratulations on a great race 🙂

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  8. I didn’t even read the whole post.. I will in a moment and maybe comment again (sorry in advance). I loved that pre -race station as well. I grabbed a sharpie to write my mother’s name on my bib and ended up writing names for about half a dozen other bibs before I could walk away and get to my corral.

  9. Congrats on the race!!! The fact that spectators stayed out in the almost freezing rain was AH-MAY-ZING!!!

    FYI, last year was the largest, this year there were 30,251 entered the race 27,165 started and 26,610 finished. =] (I’m a numbers nerd)

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  11. Great write up! Lots of photos, BUT there is something missing, uhm… the ugly crier photo…lol… Congrats on your Boston race, Michelle!

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