Dress the Part: #RealChampions

[Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Champion®. I was given the opportunity to try the Spring 2015 line of athletic wear. All opinions are my own.]

As you may know, I ran the Boston Marathon on Monday. In my post, I talk about how I was filled with so much joy that I was on the verge of crying… once as I approached the start line, and again when I was approaching the finish.


Getting to Boston became a dream of mine after my very first marathon in December 2011. I started this blog after realizing that my body, though not perfect or aesthetically amazing, was actually quite strong and capable. I had always hated my thighs (“thunder thighs”), but when I started running, I came to see that they were actually blessings.

Though I ran a pretty good time for my first full marathon (3:40), it still took me a few more tries before I actually made it. Even with my failed attempts to qualify, I never lost hope. I would just have another race on the calendar and learn from each of my mistakes, as well as become more dedicated to the training with each cycle.

The second marathon I ran was actually at the California International Marathon (2012), the year it was raining sideways. That means it was POURING rain AND it was extremely windy. I barely squeaked in under 4 hours. I never would have thought this at the time, but I really appreciate that marathon. This year’s Boston had some wind and rain, but it was nothing compared to that marathon. Had I not had that experience, I would have perhaps complained a lot more about the weather… but how was I feeling about the rain?


Totally fine!

When you go through struggles and hardships, or situations that take you out of your comfort zone, you learn so much from them. It’s through the challenges where growth happens. It’s through pushing yourself to go hard where change happens. #RealChampions do not stay in their comfort zones and keep everything easy. Everyone has the potential to find their inner champion and go for it. You just have to try (and try… and try again).

Of course, when you are uncomfortable because you are pushing yourself to run faster or further, you don’t want your clothing to be uncomfortable, yeah?

That’s why I chose to wear the Champion Women’s PerforMax® Marathon Printed Packable Jacket and the Champion Women’s PerforMax® Marathon Tee for the race:


To be clear, the jacket isn’t waterproof, it’s just that I had worked out enough in both of them to know that they dry super quickly. Being that I would probably sweat AND get wet from the rain, the PerforMax® apparel with Champion vapor technology was going to be perfect to keep my skin dry (at least during the moments when it wasn’t raining). #AllGainNoPain


I absolutely loved the Boston Marathon and desire to train for it again and return to that finish line on Boylston. I will have to regain my focus and gather up my energy to go for it once again. It will take some strategy (spacing my races apart appropriately), but I really hope go back 🙂


Even with the rain, I had no blisters and only a tiny bit of chafing from the sports bra band. No chafing anywhere else! YAY 😀

What was the worst weather you have had to run in? What was the worst blister/chafing you have gotten from a run/race?

Tell me one of your big goals that you want to accomplish in the next few years!

Share your #RealChampions moment with me: What is something you have accomplished that you really had to struggle and work hard for?

13 responses to “Dress the Part: #RealChampions

  1. You are so so amazing!! You are beautiful and such a fast runner!! You should be so proud of yourself!! I know you will reach every single goal you set your mind to!! You’re the best!! Congrats on Boston!! XOXO

  2. Congrats on Boston! Totally my dream race, and even more so because I’m from there! The worst conditions I’ve run in have got to be Rock N Roll DC back in March. It was 40 degrees and rain and I was an icecube the entire time. It was miserable. I’m amazed at your time for your first marathon…amazing! I have a long way to go to get to Boston, but I won’t give up!

    • Certainly don’t give up on getting to Boston. It will be so worth it!
      I think that first marathon went so well because I had zero expectations and I just ran, super relaxed and everything. Plus, the weather was amazing that day.

  3. Run like a Champion is exactly who you are! We signed up for CIM again. Should we be praying for good weather like last year? We can blame you know who why we take our chances with the weather with CIM again this year.

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