No Place Like Home

Shortly after returning from Boston, we made our way out to Las Vegas for a trip with Joe’s cousins!

Upon arrival, we went to Bellagio for a buffet dinner. Then we did a whole lot of walking!



[^PC: Josh]1430166632352

[^PC: Josh]

20150423_212349 1430166623732

[^PC: Josh]. Apparently, boys don’t show their teeth while smiling?

We went all the way to the Venetian before heading back to Mandalay Bay. Holy moly, it was like 5 or 6 miles of walking the first night!

When we got back to Mandalay Bay, we went up to the 64th (65th?) floor for some drinks and a nice view of the strip:




In the morning, the boys slept in. I went to the gym to sweat it out for a bit. Got in about an hour on the treadmill and more than a half hour on the elliptical. It was my first run after Boston, and I took it very easy with the mileage.

Afterwards, we all went out for burgers, and then some of us went to “the beach” at Mandalay Bay. It’s pretty cool because their wave pool actually creates waves every minute or two.


[^view from our hotel]

Joe and I also got some poolside drinks.


Got to have a really chill evening before going to a pub for dinner. OMG…. I got the roasted chicken (pub was Ri Ra in Mandalay Bay Shoppes).


The savory bread pudding under the chicken was SO good! I super duper loved this meal… it was actually my favorite from the trip.

That evening, Joe’s uncle, aunt, little cousin, and sister got in to Vegas. We spent some time together, but it was all in a flurry of tiredness and lack of sleep. I wanted to go to sleep and just sleep until May.

Early on Saturday morning, I was awake and couldn’t fall back asleep around 6:30am… so I went to the gym. Then we all headed out to Paris’ Mon Ami Gabi for breakfast:


^[beautiful fruit salad. I wanted something clean and not heavy… considering that I already ate heavy leftovers from the night before].



It definitely wasn’t enough time to spend together, but glad that we were able to hang out a little bit 🙂


Getting back home to Vanna was awesome. Sleeping in my own bed was great.

Celebrating Vanna’s birthday yesterday was fun. We gave her wet food and some new treats. Then she had food coma and just cuddle with Joe:



She was trying to stay awake, but she was totally dozing off here and there. 🙂

6 years old, but still has a bit of that puppy energy here and there.


All of this traveling was super fun and everything, but it’s sooooo nice to just be home and get back into my normal routine!

Longest flight you have been on? [I think going to Korea was like 12 hours. That was pretty darned long]

Do you have any pets? What kind? How many?

Ever been to Vegas? Which hotels have you stayed at? [we go to Vegas a lot because we get free rooms through a free FB game, hehe]

8 responses to “No Place Like Home

  1. Longest flight I’ve been on was 6 hours to Iceland on my way to Paris! It actually wasn’t that bad, but doesn’t compare to 12 hours! Yikes! I have a cat. I got her when I was young and single and wanted a companion. Being a nurse working 12 hour days I wasn’t ready for the commitment of a dog. Funny thing is I’m so not a cat person. And I’m still not!

  2. I used to go to Vegas semi-regularly, but it’s been a while.

    I agree about enjoying the comforts of home after a trip. I miss my standard foods after a while.

  3. I had my longest flight – all by myself back in January and December when I went to Australia and New Zealand! I didn’t even watch ONE movie though, so weird! ha ha ha! Oh but I have never been to VEGAS!

  4. Your travels have enriched my life. I so enjoy reading about your adventures and self-discipline. I’ve nominated you for the new WordPress Family Award because I’ve felt sometimes like family watching on the sidelines! Realizing you are so busy, I left a caveat that stated that if you are too busy, no need to accept but wanted you to know that I appreciated all your support and comments over the past couple of years! Blessings,

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