Things Done and Things to Come (2)

WOW. It has been a long time since I blogged. There were a lot of things to finish up… mainly… SCHOOL. I finished the last class and last final of my undergraduate college career. Kind of sad because I super loved school and what I was learning 🙂

In any case, my running has been somewhat sporadic, but I have still been keeping pretty active with home workouts and home cardio-ing (cycle, elliptical, etc.).

I am going back to Ventura this weekend to participate in the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon!


Last year, I got to Boston-qualify there. This year, I hope to help others BQ as I pace the 4:08 group. Why such an obscure time? It is always good to run a couple of minutes under your Boston-qualifying time to ensure that you can get in.



Here is a puppy picture of the Vanna-loo from when she was only a few weeks old:


This is Vanna now:



She was actually given to me from my friend, Susan. BTW, here is Susan’s second-born daughter. The one on the left is when she was… a few weeks old? Now she is around 3 or 4 months!

2015-05-21 11.37.32

Oh, I totally cut my hair super short. I was sick of my hair getting caught in all sorts of places. Now it’s around the length of my collarbone. I also put on some extra insulation, harhar.


Joe and I celebrated being done with school with dinner and drinks at Orchard City Kitchen!




SO YUMMY, man. It was a great way to celebrate!


Volunteering with my young adult and youth at the Stop Hunger Now event was awesome! We bagged 10,000 packets of food (able to feed 6 people for only… 29 cents? Something like that).

20150509_151156 20150509_151135


What an incredible organization and event to have!

In total, we made over 40,000 packets in one day (multiple shifts).


Going to the Boardwalk was fun:


The young adult went there in between our camping retreat:

YA boardwalk YA boardwalk1

These awesome photos were taken by Steven! He captured some fun moments on this ride:

YA boardwalk2

I kind of love this one because they all look quite nervous:

YA boardwalk3


YA boardwalk4

Hahaha, I was in flight for much of it… winds in my toes and everything.

ALSO, we played ghost blasters and out of the 6 of us that went, I got the highest score! WHAT.

… and then we ate a lot of food together:

YA boardwalk5

We apparently take it very seriously.


Okay, that was all over the place, but the next thing to come is definitely being in Ventura over Memorial Day weekend with my running buddies and getting to run marathon #12!

Do you like amusement park rides? [I like pretty much everything except for the super duper spinning ones. Went on one of those and I could feel my brain and eyes shaking in my head. Not pleasant]

What do you have planned for the long weekend? Anyone racing, too?

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