Things Done and Things to Come (4)

Wow. I’ve been super busy since June!

First up, I took the CSCS exam and it was… okay. I passed one part of the exam with flying colors… and did not pass the other part. Off my one point. No problem, though. I can just study more and pass that part with flying colors, too!

Right after that, our church had our retreat! We went to the beach for part of it πŸ™‚


^Those are paper kites that our kids made. Worked really well!

Certainly enjoyed talking to my friend Tammy while we sat around at the beach πŸ™‚

2015-06-30 10.27.55

Right after that, we had VBS (Vacation Bible School) for a week. My youth were SO wonderful in leading all of the groups and stations!


I was so proud of them, and it was such a joy to see how much fun the kids were having. On the last day, we had some animals brought in:

2015-06-30 10.03.26

2015-06-30 10.05.30

^That is actually a five-year-old cow (a mini-cow!). The bigger animals were pretty mellow. Just ate grass. All the kids liked the pen where they played with chickens, rabbits, pigs, etc.

After a seafood buffet for lunch that day, I headed out with some of the youth volunteers and we hung out at Vasona Park in Los Gatos.


^They are each being a superhero, except for Audrey, who is always staring off in the opposite direction for most silly pictures, hahaha.

We went peddle boating for an hour, too.




My friend Priscilla had her wedding the day after. The sisters all helped to make the backdrop the night before:


The ceremony itself was short and sweet (good, considering it was a relatively warm day), and we all feasted afterwards!


[PC: Jonathan]:

priscilla wedding




I started swim at De Anza College. It is at 5:00am! I am now an extremely early-waking person. 4am alarm? No problemo!

Getting up around 5:00am this morning felt easy :]. Got in 7.5 miles of trail running with my running group:

[PC: Linh]:

tRAil Run

I wore those HOKA’s for the first time today. They were comfortable but a bit too loose. Need to switch out the laces for a different one:

tRAil Run 2


I started the Hansons Half Marathon Method training yesterday. I will train to PR for the half marathon distance. Plan for it to take place at the Clovis Half! Technically, I am supposed to take it off until Thursday… but I’m just trying to keep these runs easy (whenever I go off the plan).

I also got my hair permed last week.

Have you ever gotten a perm? Do you color your hair?

Do you follow a training plan for races? Which one?

7 responses to “Things Done and Things to Come (4)

  1. Looks like a fun summer so far! I’m training for a half in August and doing Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Training. How are you liking Hanson? Heard a lot about it! And no – I honestly didn’t know they still did perms but I’d consider it. My hair is so straight!

    • I get what Koreans call a “digital” perm. After a tiny while, it becomes like a softer S-wave instead of ringlets. I like how it gives my hair more volume.
      I liked the Hansons plan for the full and met my goal (my race pace was the exact tempo pace I did during the training plan!). Hope things turn out the same this time around πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve never tried Hokas, but they intrigue me. I’ve never gotten a perm, and don’t color my hair, but it looks like I do because of the sun highlights. Whenever I get it cut, I’m asked if I want to “touch up my roots.” My response is always that Mother Nature does it for me πŸ˜‰ I haven’t followed a training plan in years, but used to download them from Runner’s World back in the day.

    • OOoh, that’s cool that you get natural highlights! Wish I could, too.
      The Hokas are surprisingly light and I like it for my occasional trail runs. Some of my trail-loving friends don’t like having such a thick cushion because they feel more in control when they can feel the rocks and roots on their feet. Depends on what you prefer :]

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