Hansons Half Marathon Training Hath Beguneth

I have started my 18-week training plan for the Clovis Half Marathon in November. I know, I know… some of you are wondering why I’m doing such a LONG training plan for a half marathon. Well, I want to PR on this one. I want to PR big.

It starts off with some easy pace 3- and 4-milers. My first SOS (something of substance) workout was on Tuesday. 3-mile warm up, 12 x 400m (400m RI), and a c/d. The pace for each of the 400m intervals was to be 6:40. It was super hard on the first one, so I went for that same RPE (rate of perceived exertion) on the next one and it was like 6:08 pace, haha. Then I realized that I would be able to get through all 12, as long as I paced myself and stayed in the moment.

If I kept thinking about how many I still had to do, it would just get harder (mentally), so I just focused on the current one. I got through it one-by-one and was SO glad when I finished it, with each being under 6:40 pace.

Another SOS workout I did was today. The Hansons tempo (race pace, which for me will be 7:20) is done every week. It builds slowly throughout the program with the longest being a 7-mile tempo (race pace) run.

Did a 3mi warm up, 3mi tempo (paces were 7:20, 7:23, 7:10), and a 3mi cooldown. It felt good to push myself and get uncomfortable!

Now I’ll have a few days of easy runs before I get to those other SOS workouts!


We celebrated Independence Day over two days. On Friday, my friend Tammy hosted a lunch and pool hangout at her place!




Got our vitamin D on after lunch, and then returned to the food afterwards. SO GOOD, and so much fun!

On Saturday, my brother and my SIL hosted at their place (soon to be their “old place”).


We had samgyupssal and then a fruit tart. We have a lot of July birthdays, so we kicked it off with celebrating my mom’s.

Watched Terminator afterwards while digesting. It was entertaining. I guess.


On Sunday, one of my youth girls from church “made the mistake” of saying something like, ‘One day, I think I’ll join you for a hike.’ My eyes lit up immediately, and less than 24 hours later, we were out at Fremont Older, going for a hike.

We also dragged her cousin, Kaela, along, hehehe:


What’s amazing is that these girls were willing to do short bursts of hill running whenever I said so (I incorporated hill runs lasting around 15 to 20 seconds with several minutes of hiking in between).



^I think I had my dirty paws all over the lens… hence, all of the blurry pictures.


It was a gorgeous afternoon for a hike, and we went and had a sushi lunch afterwards. What a perfect way to start the week!


My youth were so eager and excited to serve at Santa Clara KUMC’s VBS! I looooove their servant hearts and wonderful attitude toward serving God’s precious children.



^Noel, who is standing up there and organized all of VBS, was my Sunday school teacher when I first moved up to youth group at age 12. I did not know at the time that she would such a big part of my life, mentoring and guiding me throughout my teen-aged years to develop a relationship with Christ. She also helped me fall in love with serving at church. I would not be who I am today, nor have this heart for serving God’s people, if it was not for her constant and dedicated service for the youth. Now that she is the children’s ministry director, I know that these kids will be blessed in the same way I was.


Work has been so fun! I work for Outburst Mobile Fitness (it’s like a food truck, but with fitness). We’ve been going out to parks in San Jose, working with the Parks and Rec department to get people out to their local parks. It’s fun to work out with them and see so many families being active at the park!

I’ll probably be doing that zorb thing (hamster ball) next week.



Anything new and exciting during the summer?

When was the last time you went to a pool party?

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