That Was Quick!

Wow, I have not posted for a long time, but it honestly flew by for me because I’ve been up to a few different things.

There was a bridal shower for our friend Chimi (out on our deck):

20150822_163805  20150822_143426


^There were more than 2 people there, don’t worry, haha.


Joe and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary at Willard Hicks! Their cornbread was so yummy!

20150903_205126 20150903_203611

I tried to smile like Joe smiles. I think I did pretty well, hehe.



Visited Portland, OR, with Michael and his girlfriend Libby. Shopping at the adidas employee store was pretty nice:


Going to the local brewery was also fun!

20150829_195644 20150829_200004

Joe beat us all in Scrabble (but I was a super close second).


Got to go to SLO for Chimi’s Bachelorette party!

20150912_141532 20150912_124954


There was wine-tasting involved the first day and surrey-ing around on the second day!

20150913_131908 20150913_125504

20150913_133056 20150913_110640

Here’s the view from the backyard:


We also went to a spa and chillaxed in our own huge hot tub afterwards:



September will continue to be incredibly busy. I got a new job as a teacher at Challenger School! I am the computer teacher! YEEEEE~

I am feeling so richly blessed and heavily challenged with this teaching position. I hope to be able to teach these students well and see them grow to be independent and proficient in all of their computer skills by the end of the year! May God be with me through all of it 🙂

One thing I have been off about is my running. I have been doing different workouts (P90X, Insanity, yoga, Pilates), but I am way off my Hansons Half Marathon training plan. I am just trying to keep in shape enough with my runs to pace, for now.

Hope you have been well and are enjoying the last week of summer!

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