The Proposal

If you did not know… I’M ENGAGED!


Here’s how everything happened.

On Saturday morning, I had plans to go for a super early morning trail run with Joe’s brother, Josh (he is training for a race). He suggested meeting at 6:15am to beat the heat, and I was used to waking up early on Saturdays already, so it sounded perfect!

We got out there and ran about half of it in the dark (I mean… with our flashlights). He said he wanted to try to make the sunrise, so he was game for running many parts of it up the mountainside.

We got to the usual vista point and immediately I noticed a gentleman sitting there in a suit with his back turned to us. I turned quickly to Josh and said something like, “Hey, that guy’s wearing a suit.” It only took a couple more steps before I realized who it was…


In that second, I realized that Joe had to hike there in complete darkness before we got there, as well as change and wait… and I started crying, haha.

He got some pictures of my ugly cry and my reaction, and then he seamlessly handed the phone over to Josh and then he got down on his knee to propose:



Ooooh my, so many happy tears!

Oh, and I said, “Yes” πŸ˜‰

DSC_0033Β DSC_0034

DSC_0035Β DSC_0040

If only they had at least dropped a hint so that I had put on a tiny bit of makeup… and not cried so much!


Luckily, we beat the rush. There were a bunch of others who arrived on the scene about 5 minutes after the proposal. There was one couple who got to see it all happen and they congratulated us and everything πŸ™‚


Kind of can’t get over how beautiful the backdrop for the proposal was!

DSC_0002Β DSC_0007

Now, my tiny pinky has a new neighbor next door. Stop staring at my tiny pink!


Special thanks to Josh for his help in this surprise proposal!

DSC_0070Β DSC_0072

As we hiked down, I got to hear about how they actually went through and did the hike the morning before! I can’t believe how much work went into this proposal!


Can’t wait until we get to say, “I DO!”


^I make him smile, harhar.



We celebrated with breakfast, and then tried to rest up for the rest of the day. We made plans to eat dinner at Downtown Campbell (there are a lot of good restaurants there)! Decided on The Socialight.

IMG_0045Β IMG_0047

Honestly, the food was not mind-blowing… but the wine was SO GOOD, haha. Should have just ordered a second glass.

After dinner, he said we had to go by his mom’s salon to turn off the AC, but that I would need to help him find it because he did not know where the AC thingy was…

and then…


DSC_0083Β DSC_0086

Joe had arranged a surprise engagement party for me as well! I felt SO LOVED, HOLY MOLY!

They are so cute… check out the little finish line they made for me (picture taken before I got there):


And the super cute signs!

IMG_0055Β IMG_0054


We had some snacks and dessert, some drinks, and we just got to celebrate together. It was so much fun!

IMG_0060Β IMG_0070

IMG_0056Β DSC_0124

DSC_0119Β DSC_0123




It’s always nice when our families get biggerΒ (missing Esther and Libby!):




I am not deserving of the love, sacrifices, and graciousness of those who are in my life. I thank God for surrounding me with such amazing people. I am also eternally grateful for Him putting Joe in my life! The last nine years have been amazing, and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together πŸ™‚

15 responses to “The Proposal

  1. Congratulations! Fabulous news and wish you guys all the best of luck. What an incredibly romantic proposal and the pictures are stunning, great to have them. Happy engagement! πŸ˜€

  2. When I read this post, I squealed with delight. You deserve the best and I am so happy that Joe finally proposed! (I have been following you for so long, I feel like I know you both!) Congratulations.

  3. Oh now you are truly BLESSED, thunderthighs, πŸ™‚ So sorry I didn’t catch this earlier. That is one of the most romantic proposals ever! I wish the greatest and happiest relationship ever because you are very special and I know God will watch over your love together. Many blessings for a wonderful life ahead my friend,

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