Boston Bound 2018!

So there is kind of a lot that has happened since last year.

I’ll start with how running is going, and then sprinkle a bit about where I am in life right now.

First off, I Boston-qualified at the Mountains2Beach Full Marathon 2017 last May AND got myself a PR! 3:29:24… it also fell on our first wedding anniversary. Look at that man in socks and slides. So sexy…

I used the Hansons Marathon Method to qualify again. For the Boston Marathon 2018 (coming up in a few days), I also used the same training plan. Though I had a solid training cycle, I am nervous about the wind and rain that we will probably face on race day. In any case, I am excited and honored as heck about running it!

In other workout news, I joined a local gym and fell in love with their boot camps!


I have some fun plans coming up with Elite Spartans! I’ll tell you more later as it all unfolds 🙂


My wonderful friend Jane passed away last June (she is pictured on the left):

I think about her a lot, remembering her sparkling laughter and how she always found enjoyment in the simple things in life. I hope to show others just as much compassion, fun, love, joy, and hospitality as she as shown me.


What followed during the summer of 2017 was a wave of trying to understand who I am in this big world…

through the Cuba missions trip:

and through the Joint KUMC Youth Retreat (going as a counselor):

The only conclusion I have drawn is that I am pretty small and insignificant through the eyes of the world, but I am significant in the eyes of God. 🙂


My adorable niece is getting bigger and smarter every single day!

I can wait for her to grow up (and for us to give her some cousins, hehe):



Some future travel plans for us include our doggeroo, Rosie:

We will take her camping, and I hope she will also be willing to try swimming in a lake this summer. She’s kind of scaredy cat, though, so I may have to bribe her to enter the water with some treats.


Lastly, I have to share about my AMAZING class! They are in fourth grade, and I absolutely love how sweet, funny, and hard-working they are. I wish I can hold them all back and have them again next year, but that would most likely reflect horribly on me… so I’ll have to let them move on at the end of the school year 😉



What am I looking forward to for the rest of this year?

Well, I obviously want to PR when I run Boston this coming Monday.

After that, I will work on strength training and changing my body composition. I was hoping to lose a little weight before I started my marathon training cycle in December 2017, but that didn’t happen, haha. Let’s see what I can do after Boston 🙂

I’d also like to PR in the half. It has been a long time since I raced a half marathon.


Let’s catch up! What are two highlights and one lowlight (if any) from the past year or so?

Running/workout goals for this year?

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